Trumps nonsensical position on ISIS

Donald Trump has talked tough on ISIS for his entire campaign. After the border wall that he thinks Mexico will pay for, vague promises to bring back jobs onshore even though his own companies have done the opposite, one of his other “promises” has been to deal effectively with ISIS.

When Chris Wallace asked Trump about his plan to go continue going after ISIS should the current siege against them in Mosul succeed, he stumbled and showed his lack of grasp on the complexities of the world.

In the world that Trump lives in, ISIS is an existential threat to the American way of life, when the reality is that apart from the 9/11 attacks, terror attacks against Americans have been a nuisance kills fewer of us each year than bee stings, dog bites, or something that he refuses to address – firearms.

According to Donald, the current siege on Mosul is merely a political ploy by Iraqi and Kurdish forces, who apparently are risking life and limb in a gambit to make Hillary Clinton look good, and even if they succeed, the real benefits to be gained by defeating ISIS will accrue to Iran and Syria.

What he hasn’t had the courage to do so far, is to explain how his “secret” plan for dealing with ISIS would have any other outcome than the one he’s criticizing Hillary Clinton and President Obama for. According to him, the offensive is useless because it’ll empower Iran and Syria, but we should leave it to him so it can be the results of his actions that benefit Iran and Syria?

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