Terrors outsized effect on the election

I’ve been hesitant to chime in on the Trump Tapes, thinking “What can I add that hasn’t already been said?”. With an eternity of time between now and election day, the revelations from about Trumps womanizing/penchant for sexual assaults will certainly get old.

The Trump campaign has been adept performing the “pivot”, so it won’t be long before we’re backing to talking about the likes of terrorism in general, and ISIS in specific, which have proven to be well received by his supporters.

The question is, do those topics resonate with the few still undecided voters? Or more to the point, should they? While both campaigns talk tough on terror, how much of a threat does it truly pose? That’s something that neither campaign nor the media has done a good job at informing us about, so I decided to spend an hour or so ranking the risk that Americans face from terrorism compared to other risks we face.


Cause of Death Annual Deaths Source
1995-2014 Annual Average.
13 National Consortion for the Study of Terrorism and Responses To Terrorism
Bee Stings
2001-2013 Annual Average
58 Washington Post
2014 only
42 Dogbites.org
Police Officers in Line of Duty
2006-2015 Annual Average
50 BBC News
1984-2013 Annual Average
52 USA Today
1995-2014 Annual Average.
INCLUDES 9/11 attacks
163 National Consortion for the Study of Terrorism and Responses To Terrorism
By Police Officer
Includes justified and unjustified causes.
1,537 Newsweek
Unintentional Drowning 3,868 US Center for Disease Control
By firearm
10,945 US Center for Disease Control
Auto Accidents
2000-2014 Annual Average
38,198 Wikipedia
Suicide 41,149 US Center for Disease Control
Drug Overdose
All drugs, prescription and illegal
47,000 National Safety Council
Influenza & Pnemonia 56,979 US Center for Disease Control
Accidents (unintentional injuries) 130,557 US Center for Disease Control
Cancer 595,690 National Cancer Institute

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