Russians, Wikileaks, and Infowars, Oh My!

United States Government accuses Russian Government of political hacking in order to help bolster the candidacy of Donald Trump, only to see Wikileaks dump a 2,000 emails from Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta an hour later.

Guess that’s the Russian Governments way of signaling confirmation?

“Mainstream” commentators from the Right were notably distraught by Julian Assange’s lackluster announcement earlier this week, with Alex Jones accusing Julian Assange of being a “Hillary Buttplug” for not providing the damning information that Jones and the rest of the Right were hoping for.

Apparently Alex Jones spoke too fast, it was just that Assange was holding back until given the go ahead by his paymasters. It must make Alex Jones feel tickled pink that the candidate he chose to back to “Make America Great Again” is bought and paid for by the Russians.

Oh wait, Alex Jones has idolized Putin for years now, even calling on practically begging Russia flex its muscles more on the world stage.

Alt-Right radio DJ Alex Jones (left) emulating his idol, Russian President Vladimir Putin (right)

I can only say, as someone with zero desire to witness what a Trump Presidency would look like at home or in the rest of world, I hope that the Clinton Campaign is ready to counter whatever other doozies that Julian gets instructed to lob her way in the closing weeks of the election.

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