The Rule of Law, and Trump’s utter disregard for it

Donald Trump suggests that he would institute nationwide “stop and frisk policing” to crack down on crime, a tactic already ruled unconstitutional.

Continuing on his now daily assault on the freedoms that make up the fabric of this nation, presidential candidate Trump called yesterday for instituting “stop and frisk” policing nationwide.

As if assaulting the First Amendment guarantees of religious freedom, freedom of the press and freedom of expression wasn’t enough, he’s now moved his attacks against US Constitution to its Fourth Amendment, which explicitly states that “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated”.

The Fourth Amendment doesn’t state “shall not be violated unless”, it states that our right to be secure is against ALL “unreasonable searches and seizures”. As if to prove how out of touch he his, Trump unveiled this plan at an event meant to reach out to African-Americans, the community who was most targeted by New York City’s “stop and frisk” policing.

Vote for me, how much worse could he get?” he says, then laying out a plan to violate their constitutional rights on a whole sale basis just a couple weeks later.

Yes, Donald, that’s how much worse it can get. Nailed it right on the head.

Donald Trump: Kiss your rights goodbye.
Donald Trump: Kiss your rights goodbye.

It just further goes to showcase exactly how unfit a candidate he is – unsuited for governing even a city, let alone the most powerful country in the world. Whether it’s simply misunderstanding, or outright hatred, he’s contempt for the rule of law runs deep.

This is the man who wants to bring back waterboarding, saying “torture works“, and made suggestions of not just targeting terrorists, but also killing their innocent families and loved ones, both considered international war crimes if committed by any country aside from one possessing veto power at the United Nations Security Council.

Every day, it becomes more and more clear how antithetical the man is not just the rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution, but in regards to basic human decency. Yet, his followers continue being hoodwinked, thinking that their support of his presidential campaign showcases their love of country, when its the exact opposite.

“But look at how many people Trump draws to his events” they say, as if being part of a herd of misguided people somehow makes them not misguided anymore.

The crowds being summoned to Donald Trumps campaign events, shown on the self-proclaimed "#1 fascist Alt-Right website", whom I won't link to.
The crowds being summoned to Donald Trumps campaign events, shown on the self-proclaimed “#1 fascist Alt-Right website”, whom I won’t link to.

Newsflash: Hitler attracted big crowds, too.

Image from TheMistRunsRed's page on DeviantArt
Image from TheMistRunsRed‘s page on DeviantArt

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