America under attack. Not by terrorists, but from within.

The gods smiled down at Donald Trump last weekend, bestowing him with the gift of two terrorist incidents to further incite his supporters.

In the case of the Minnesota mall attack, the perpetrator was gunned down by an off-duty police officer who happened upon the scene. While  Ahmad Rahami, the suspect behind the New York bombing was quickly identified and, once located by astute citizens, was arrested by authorities. Lets hear it for law enforcement!

And lets hear it for the American people who continue to refuse to surrender their values in the face of terrorism.

Not so quick, actually.

As much as The Donald likes to keep things simple for his braindead base, life is a lot more complicated than portrayed in the movie The Minority Report. We simply can’t predict the future actions of everyone, even when using religion as a starting point. After all, terrorists come from all faiths – Muslim, Christian, Catholicism – even Buddhism.

Terrorist incidents occur all around the world – from the relatively free United States to not-so-free countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia and China. That means that unless we’re willing to embrace a level of authoritarianism that rivals North Korea, terrorism will be something that will continue to plague us for some time.

That this basket of deplorables and their ostensible leader rush to condemn an entire religion, and then go further to advocate to stripping away the rights of visitors to the U.S. and citizens alike, based solely on which name they have chosen to address their God by, not only is it an assault on all of our liberties, it’s downright anti-American.

This reminds me of something Benjamin Franklin once said:

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety

Of course, as a Founding Father and co-Author of the the Constitution, Benjamin Franklin (were he alive today), would not be allowed anywhere near one of Donald Trump’s rallies.


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