Unity has never been so divided.

First it was one or two. Then a few. Then more. Lately, the stampede of Business Leaders and Officials who served in Republican administration all thumbing their nose at trump is getting filled with so many noteworthy names, that we all just shrug when another name gets added to the list.

Since Trump says he will make National Security Great AgainTM, lets look at those who have actually worked in National Security, read (and created) actual classified intelligence, rather than second guessing from the safety of a gold throne in Mar-A-Lago.

thumb-armitageRichard Armitrage – Who began his career in the Navy before eventually serving as Assistant Secretary of Defense under Republican Folk Hero Ronald Reagan and as Deputy Secretary of State under George W. Bush, and who also advised the McCain/Palin team in 2008, went on record with Politico back in June, saying that he was going to vote for Clinton.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director Michael Hayden testifies before the Senate Select Intelligence Hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on February 5, 2008. CIA director Hayden for the first time admitted publicly Tuesday that the agency had used "waterboarding," or simulated drowning, in interrogations of three top Al-Qaeda detainees nearly five years ago. AFP PHOTO/SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)Michael Hayden – a retired Four-Start General of the Air Force, who went on to serve as the Director of both the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency at different times had a busy couple of weeks. When he wasn’t weighing in on his views of how Hillary and Donald differ in their national security stances, he was signing off on a letter saying that a Trump Presidency would put America at risk, he was being called out by the news media a second time to weigh in on Trumps second amendment controversy, saying of Trump:

It suggests either very bad taste reference to political assassination or an attempt at humor or an incredible insensitivity to the prevalence of political assassination inside of American history and how that is a topic that we don’t even come close to, even when we are trying to be lighthearted.

Other well-known signatories to the letter include: Tom Ridge (the first Secretary of Homeland Security), Michael Chertoff (Former Secretary of Homeland Security), John Negroponte (former National Security Advisor, Ambassador to several countries, as well as our ambassador to the U.N.).

Secretary Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security. thumb-negroponte thumb-ridge

We might not know all the remaining signatories by name, but their credentials should show that they know a much more about National Security and combatting ISIS than Donald, including: Advisors and members of the the National Security Council, National Security Advisor, and members of the Secretary of State.

To “Hillary-Gate” adherents: these are all people who know far more about the sort of damage that might have been caused by Hillary Clinton email scandal, considering they first-hand knowledge of what the content of those messages may have been, which makes it especially telling that they have lined themselves up against Trump and therefore, in support of Hillary Clinton.

It doesn’t stop there.

Business leaders, particularly amongst the tech industry, are also lining up against Trump, having recently written an Open Letter of their own. These include executives of numerous operating companies, and even more tellingly, members of the venture capital community.

Other business leaders (i.e. the much fabled “Job Creators”) who have shown either disdain for Donald or support for Hillary include Tim Cook (CEO of Apple), Larry Page (co-founder of Google), Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon.com), Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, Meg Whitman and more. It should go without saying that each of them started from far more modest beginnings than the Donald, and have created or run enterprises far larger than the Donalds, employing far more people, and who haven’t had to depend on the Government’s bankruptcy laws to make their fortunes.

So… We’re confronted with a candidate who says he knows best about National Security, but who is disavowed by the National Security establishment, and who says he knows about business and creating jobs, and is called out on that by business people who have created far more jobs than the Donald ever has during his moments of “sacrifice”.

To Close – Donald Trumps seems to be correct. He is turning out to be a tremendous uniter for our country, it’s just that he’s uniting everyone with more common sense than him against him, no matter which side of the aisle they would normally be on.

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