Trump to switch focus to the economy

After a week that can only be described as a disaster, Trump is to switch his focus to the economy, his campaign manager says.

Mind you, anyone with a memory that spans more than seven years will recall the stinking pile of “doodoo” that was called an economy which was handed to President Obama.

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Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers had both gone under, with Bear being sold off to JP Morgan in a hastily arranged shotgun marriage, while Lehman was allowed to declare bankruptcy, causing the Reserve Primary money market fund to “break the buck”, and necessitated the bailout of AIG.

Bear Stearns, bought by JP Morgan Chase for $2 per share
Bear Stearns, bought by JP Morgan Chase for $2 per share

Jobs were being shed by the hundreds of thousands every month. The stock market was plunging. Consumers saw their retirement accounts drying up, while their home equity disappeared. What was Donald Trump doing around this time? Boasting that he and his buddies were going to make a ton of money buying up real estate on the cheap.

That’s what the picture was when Obama entered the Oval Office, don’t let Trump surrogates reframe it in any other way. And in the seven years since, and despite working with a congress who’s leaders stated goal was not to see our Economy rebound but to ensure that Obama was a one-term president look where we are now:

The stock market has reached all time highs under his tenure.  15 million new private sector jobs in the last 77 months, and some of the best job numbers ever, including almost a half a million new jobs in June and July, and people who had given up on looking for work are returning to the labor force.

It was a cinch for the Democratic ticket to win 2008 by pointing to the economic disaster that the Republicans oversaw, but apparently we all need to be reminded of this. Otherwise, how could Paul Manafort and his candidate think that focusing on the economy is their best way forward?

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