Make America Great Again? I Was Just Joking!

Amid misstep after misstep this week, the Donald attempted to turn it around by… blaming the media for not getting his “joke” one time, and misunderstanding his “sarcasm”. This isn’t even the first time the straight-talking, telling it like it is candidate has had to clarify that accusations he has leveled were merely jokes.

Donald Trump being “sarcastic”.
Another Trump packpedal
Another Trump packpedal

After claiming that climate change was “a hoax” by the Chinese to ruin Western manufacturers, he backpedalled a few weeks later by saying the the had attempted to make a “joke“.

Makes me think, how much of his other blather has just been jokes that we just weren’t smart enough to get?.

Was he joking when said that the United States might not honor its obligations to its allies under NATO?

Was it just sarcasm when he allegedly inquired about the use of nuclear weapons?

Former Mexican president Vincente Fox clearly hasn’t gotten the humor in Trumps joke about building a border wall between the United States and Mexico, with (cue punchline) Mexico footing the bill of course.

It probably goes further. Former candidate and now Trump surrogate Ben Carson suggestion that the should Khan family apologize to Trump makes a lot more sense when you realize he was probably just joking.

Though he only rolled out his economic plan this week, he spoke about his ideas for it months earlier, telling CNBC: “I’ve borrowed knowing that you can pay back with discounts… I would borrow knowing that if the economy crashed, you could make a deal.” At least the investing community understood it was a joke.

Still, even conservatives lambasted Hillary Clinton’s plan, mentioning (in apparent sarcasm) the amount of debt that would be accumulated in her vision, he went on to say that his intention would be to borrow as much as possible.

"Make America Great Again?" I was only joking!
“Make America Great Again?” I was only joking!

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