George Soros documents reveal him to be a nefarious do-gooder

The new-Trump-right has been ecstatic this past week. Not only have they gotten to dig into Hillary Clintons tax returns, they now get to dig into the internal ruminations of George Soros’ reviled Open Society Foundations.

Fishing expeditions ain’t easy 

I already noted that despite the eagerness in which Trump supporters dug into Hilary’s tax returns, their fishing expedition returned nothing out of the ordinary. And despite their own candidates ongoing refusal to adhere to both his own pledge and the president set by 40 years of previous presidential candidates, the eagerness that Trumpsters go looking for dirt on the other candidate while ignoring the piles of dirt they’re standing in order to survey the landscape.

Making mountains out of molehills

Take Sean Hannity’s outrage that Vice President Joe Biden for revealed that a member of his secret service detail carries the nuclear codes at all times, more or less saying “This is top secret stuff that Biden just told the world.”

Except, it isn’t. Sean, if you’re reading this, it’s not a secret. In fact, you an find out on Wikipedia (again, Wikipedia, NOT Wikileaks), that the vice president carries the codes with him at all times. About all that Biden revealed to the public, is that rather than the codes being on his own 73 year-old person, the codes are instead held by a much younger person, who is armed and wearing body armor, and who has been trained to jump in front of bullets as part of his job to protect the United States and its President.

With that said, lets look at what the pundits have to say in this section that we’ll call:

How much the neo-Trump-right hates America:

The Observer reports that George Soros is funding a “Progressive War On Israel” aiming to “destroy the Jewish state”. Unsurprisingly, the author of the story, Abraham Miller offers no details of how he came to that assessment.

Brietbart reported with equal derision that that the Open Society Foundations gave $650,000 to Black Lives Matter movement with the goal of dismantling inequality minorities faced in the eyes of law enforcement and to aid people who have been so disenfranchised in their efforts to effect this change in Baltimore specifically.  Mind you, the OSF report came out almost a year before the Justice Department’s equally scathing report on institutional racism at the Baltimore Police Department.

To most of us, equal rights of the most American traits there is, and we feel ashamed that our country dragged its feet for as long as it did to get there. That Breitbart finds issue with this is unsurprising, though, given that the executive chairman of Brietbart, Steve Bannon, has just been hired by the Donald Trump campaign, which itself has been credited by Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke as providing the “inspiration” for Duke to return to politics.

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke has more black voter support than Donald Trump

Source: NY Daily

The Daily Caller is critical of Soros’ view on immigration and migrants fleeing poverty, climate change, generalized violence, or natural disaster, thereby siding with Trumps deciding un-American view on immigration.

The Statue of Liberty used to welcome immigrants to our country. "Times have changed", we're told, and we can't be nearly as welcoming as we were before.Mention to any Second Amendment advocate that times have changed since that was written, and be greeted by shock and anger.
The Statue of Liberty used to welcome immigrants to our country. “Times have changed”, we’re told, and we can’t be nearly as welcoming as we were before.

Mention to any Second Amendment advocate that times have changed since that was written, and be greeted by shock and anger.

Separately, the Daily Caller also takes issue with Soros’support of Al Gore’s to educate the public about the threat that climate change poses. Again, hard to see the downside in that, unless your of the belief that climate change is a myth propagated by the Chinese to gut the American manufacturing sector.

Meanwhile, Zero Hedge’s “Tyler Durden” takes issue that the OSF with a proposed grant to the Center For American Progress to research and report upon Islamaphobia in America. Helpfully, they link directly to the document they have issue with, whose opening sentence should be cheered by anyone who actually believes in the First Amendment anymore:

Extreme polarization, the decline of fact-based discourse and rise in manipulative practices, and the growth of xenophobia pose related threats to open society in the U.S. The Arizona shootings last month may have shamed the nation, our politicians, and the press to suspend at least some of the escalating rancor and divisive rhetoric in public discourse.

Yes, you read that right: “Mr. Durden” is apparently appalled that we should introduce facts into our discussions, and Mr. Soros is Dr. Evil incarnate for even suggesting such a thing. But then again, most of the sites cited above are run by and/or visited by people openly who mock science and hold its practitioners in disdain.

The neo-Trumpers will doubtlessly gloat about the pile of documents that were likely delivered to them by a foreign government that’s attempting to manipulate our elections, but the rest of us can look on and be thankful that not every Billionaire in the world is as derisive of the rest of the population as Donald Trump is. Here’s my thanks to George Soros. And Warren Buffett. And Mark Cuban. And Meg Whitman.

But at the same time, this should serve as a stark reminder of how deep-seated the hatred the Right has. They pledge “America First” but take positions the most anti-American positions possible.

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